Why is this penny silver?

What is the value of a D wheat penny? So don't let someone tell you it's not worth anything and say but I will trade you something for it "Just so they like the color".

1968 Pennies

What is the value of a mistruck d penny? Please post a new question describing the mis-strike. There are many errors that can occur; values range from essentially nothing to nearly 3 figures. What is the value of a liberty penny? Huge numbers were minted and they still turn up in change. To clarify things, it's called a Lincoln cent. It is a novelty item with little value. It might be worth something someday. I actually have one too. I will try to hold on to it because there might be something special about it in the future!

So make sure you hold onto it! What is the value of a D dime? I don't know- you're not telling me what condition it is in! If it looks like crap then it's worth ten cents. If it's in absolutely perfect condition known as Mint State, for your information, which you obviously didn't know because the question was so pathetically vague then it is worth a whop … ping eighty-five cents.

There were ,, of those little suckers minted so they won't be worth much until your great-great-great-grandchildren get ready to retire. Double-check your coin with a strong magnifying glass..

What is value of silver penny? Think about it for a few seconds - pennies are larger than dimes, so a silver penny would be worth more than 10 cents! What is the value of a penny from panama? The exact pricewill depend upon the condition of the coins. A common brown D Lincoln cent in collectible condition has a retail value of 15 to 30 cents.

What is the value of a British Penny? Although predecimal Pennies were minted in , and , they were all dated What is the value of a New Zealand Penny? The last New Zealand Penny was minted in New Zealand converted to decimal currency in List of values of British Pennys from to ?

If you want that much detail, buy a British coin catalogue or go to your local library who will be certain to have one. What is the value of a Lincoln penny? If it has been in circulation, it is worth one cent. Each penny weights 2. All pennies before are worth at twice face value in copper content alone. Value of all the steel Lincoln cents especially depends on condition, coins that are corroded, dark or reprocessed have little or no collectible value.

The D in original condition has values of 7 to 40 cents for most circulated coins. What is the value of a d brass penny? The coin is made from a copper alloy not brass and is a very common coin still in circulation today and as only face value. With the date of the coin is not a Wheat ear reverse, look at the coin again and post new question.

Steel pennies were only made in , during World War II. All US cents were struck in bronze. Your penny is almost certainly plated for use in jewelry or something similar. It's considered to be an altered coin and has no added value. What is the value of a silver D penny? That wasn't something done at the mint, rather the cent was likely plated with zinc or nickel. So it has little to no collector value. The US government has never struck a penny in silver. What is the value of a d silver penny?

One Cent is the value. The US has never made a silver penny. It may look like silver or have been silver plated but it has no collectible value. What is the value of d penny? What value for D US penny? Depending on condition, the value is 10 to 25 cents for most coins of this date. What is the value for a d penny? This is a semi-key date and is considered scarce, most coins show heavy wear.

For an accurate assessment of value the coin needs to be seen and graded. Values are a market average and only for coins in collectible condition, coins that are bent, corroded, scratched, used as jewelry or have been cleaned have little or no value to a collector or dealer. Regardless of which mint mark it has, values are 5 to 10 cents.

Uncirculated coins are a dollar or less. Are pennys with the letter d on them have value? What is the value of a D Aluminum penny? This is way more than i expected. And for it being just a book coin, it was a great price and so beautifully flawless, i almost didnt want to put it in a book folder. This coin turned out to be a very high grade for a circulating type coin. Usually do not like grading company's but NGC an pcgs but have to say seeing this half it for sure has been graded correctly or real close.

Any silver Kennedy is nice one my favorite after the Benjamin Franklin halfs. Nice condition 2 coins both excellent looking and condition. Well kept for their age. I will check with you again when I need more Kennedy's. Thank you Dan Thompson.

You need this in your Kennedy and your type set. Skip to main content. Best pick 1 bid 5d 13h.