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What is this Stock Portfolio Tracker in a Nutshell? The stock portfolio tracker is a FREE Google Spreadsheet hosted at Google that can do the following.

Hi Kyith, thanks for responding so quickly and thanks for such a great tool. Alphabet C ex Google -stock. I am trying to use your stock portfolio tracker.

GO IN-DEPTH ON Alphabet C (ex Google) STOCK

What is this Stock Portfolio Tracker in a Nutshell? The stock portfolio tracker is a FREE Google Spreadsheet hosted at Google that can do the following.

You can also use the gadgets but I guess that's not what you're after. The API you mention is interesting but doesn't seem to be documented as far as I've been able to find anyway. Here is some information on historical prices , just for reference sake. You can also get charts: Note that if your application is for public consumption, using the Google Finance API is against Google's terms of service. Check google-finance-get-stock-quote-realtime for the complete code in python.

Agree with Pareshkumar's answer. Now there is a python wrapper googlefinance for the url call. Google finance is a source that provides real-time stock data. Perhaps of interest, the Google Finance API documentaton includes a section detailing how to access different parameters via JavaScript.

Building upon the shoulders of giants This is no longer an active API for google, you can try Xignite, although they charge: The problem with Yahoo and Google data is that it violates terms of service if you're using it for commercial use. A licensed solution example is FinancialContent: Here is an example that you can use. The simplest way as you have explained is this link this is for 'Dow Jones Industrial Average'.

Please refer this old post I think this will help,. To know the details of volume and other details, I have created a vbscript that is using IE object to fetch details from the link, and alerts the content in the particular id Create a. In order to find chart data using the financial data API of Google, one must simply go to Google as if looking for a search term, type finance into the search engine, and a link to Google finance will appear.

Once at the Google finance search engine, type the ticker name into the financial data API engine and the result will be displayed. However, it should be noted that all Google finance charts are delayed by 15 minutes, and at most can be used for a better understanding of the ticker's past history, rather than current price. A solution to the delayed chart information is to obtain a real-time financial data API.

An example of one would be the barchartondemand interface that has real-time quote information, along with other detailed features that make it simpler to find the exact chart you're looking for.

With fully customizable features, and specific programming tools for the precise trading information you need, barchartondemand's tools outdo Google finance by a wide margin. Give me a break, Apple. The sale of 1. They wanted to try and avoid what was happening at Yahoo in , where an activist shareholder got upset and tried to install its own board members and influence strategy.

So on April 2, Google created an entirely new class of share and issued them to shareholders as a type of stock dividend. If someone owned one share of Google they would now get two shares of Google stock, and the price of each share will be half the price of the current shares.

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