What is the difference between internal rate of return and interest rate?

Is that a contraction?

Overview of NPV and IRR

While four columns appear with amounts in them, the time span is for the useful life, a period of three years, with operating cash flows occurring during each of the three years.

Select the cell in which you want the NPV to appear. From Excel ' s Home menu ribbon, choose Formulas , then choose the Financial functions icon. Scroll down and select NPV. The NPV Function wizard will appear as shown below.

By default, the mouse pointer will be flashing in the Rate field. Type the required rate of return in a percentage or decimal format. Note this is a different format than the input in the BAII calculator. Place the mouse pointer in the Value1 field. Select cells C4 to E4. Alternatively, you can type the cash flow for period 1 into the Value1 field, the cash flow for period 2 in the Value 2, and so on.

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Ignores CFs occurring after payback period. No specification of acceptable payback. Choose between mutually exclusive projects on basis of higher positive NPV. NPV is dependent on cost of capital. So this project adds extra return to shareholders. IRR is not dependent on the cost of capital used. No conflict for independent projects. See data at beginning of the case. If profiles dont cross, one project dominates the other. The higher the opportunity cost, the more valuable these funds, so high r favors small projects.

Project with faster payback provides more CF in early years for reinvestment. Reinvest at opportunity cost, r, is more realistic, so NPV method is best. NPV should be used to choose between mutually exclusive projects. Third, find PV of inflows: For other problems there may be negative cash flows for several years, and you must find the present value for all negative cash flows.