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The online platform for air service development. Route Exchange is the secure and trusted platform where the world's airlines and airports trade online. Route Exchange is the secure and trusted platform where the world's airlines and airports trade online.

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While sterling silver jewelry can tarnish or darken, it is easy to give back its natural finish with proper care and cleaning. Anti — tarnish plating has also become popular with sterling silver jewelry and it is offered at most jewelry stores these days. Since silver is priced much lower than gold and platinum, new designers, wholesale silver jewelry manufacturers and Exporters find it easy and prefer to invest in casting new pieces of jewelry to sell in today's competitive market.

Sterling Silver Metal Details Sterling silver is a flexible metal and can have a rhodium polish, matte, brushed, rose, oxidized antiqued finish. Mostly it is mixed with copper. For jewelry to be labeled sterling silver, it must contain at least Generally sterling silver jewelry is hall marked with a ,.

Mughals in India are known for their love for precious gemstones jewelry. Their royal heritage proudly displays the precious high value gemstones. Western countries are also not behind in their favor for the glorious gemstones and diamonds. Mother Earth presents us many glorious stones that give not only unbeatable colour and look but also empowered with healing properties. Healing Properties of Gemstones Crystal and gemstone jewelry is famous for not only the extraordinary decorative look they give.

It brings many other benefits to the owners. Natural gemstone jewelry has immense spiritual and physical healing properties. When you wear gemstones jewelry in form of pendant earrings, necklace, rings, bracelets, their energy spreads in all directions, enhances your body and aura, or boosting all chakras of our body. Gemstones have intense concentration of energy.