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International Journal of Pediatric Obesity. Journal of Health Psychology. As a result, state enterprises were constantly equitized between and ; over in , in , and in

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Đổi Mới (Vietnamese: [ɗo᷉i mə̌ːi]; English:

Do offenders and victims drink for different reasons? Testing mediation of drinking motives in the link between bullying subgroups and alcohol use in adolescence. Addictive Behaviors , 39 3 , Addiction , 11 , Supportive communication with parents moderates the negative effects of electronic media use on life satisfaction during adolescence. How parents can affect excessive spending of time on screen-based activities. BMC Public Health , 14 1 , Associations between physical activity in adolescence and health behaviours, well-being, family and social relations.

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A multilevel analysis of adolescent risk and health behaviour. Social Science and Medicine , 56, Issue 3, pages European Journal of Psychology of Education , 18 1 , Psychological Reports , Vol. Journal of Studies on Alcohol , 64 5 , Agreement between parents and their children. Some of them were tube screamer copies like this one , some were Rat copies, boss dist copies, etc. I figured I would just keep my favorites and return the rest. Well, it turns out that there is a huge difference in sound quality among them.

It seems like many of these pedals are the same, but rebranded as a different pedal and sold on Amazon. That is NOT the case! These pedals all sound very different! That said, 2 of them stood out among the rest by far! This one was an amazing version of the Tube Screamer.

In my humble opinion, I'll admit that I even like it a little more than the Tube Screamer. I can't speak to the quality of the pedal yet cause I haven't used it long enough , but for the price if it breaks, I would definitely get a new one. The other pedal that really stood out is the EX "Classic" https: This is a high gain distortion copy of the old school Rat by ProCo. You can see in my included picture that these cheap, Chinese knock offs sit on the same board as the Wampler Tumnus and Zvex Box of Rocks!

They are on there because they have amazing sound and "earned" there way on to the board! Anyways, hope that helps someone else out there checking these out! Why I bought this particular unit: Before this pedal, I couldn't drag the notes out as long as I would have liked. My last bag of gear was stolen, which contained my Ashdown Bass Compression pedal. That pedal worked very well but hummed enough to annoy folks - but it worked very well with all of my bass guitars.

By the way, that pedal is almost 10X the cost of the Kokko pedal. I took this pedal for a spin last Sunday morning. Met the sound guy earlier in the morning, and worked with him to dial the Peavey's new signal into the board, house, and stage. I don't have a slave amp on stage but band uses Behringer Power Play16 with earbuds. Sounded much better in my ears, sounded good in the monitors, house, and the giant sub-woofer off the edge of the stage.

No idea what the sound guy did for me either, in any case, I've attached a pic with the settings I ended up with last weekend. The lead guitar plugged-in last that morning, with his Power Play earbuds in, we started rehearsal Full stop, band stops playing Lead Guitarist: I pointed to the little tiny silver box on the floor Lead Guitarist: I hit the by-pass Lead Guitarist: I use mine primarily in the settings i have shown in the picture with my pedal board bag in it.

And the purpose of me having one is just to make all of the notes from my guitar sound loud regardless of WHICH string iam plucking. I have a fuzz pedal with sustain on it, but i normally turn that on and off depending on the tone i want. So keep the compressor pedal on pretty much all the time even if I am playing clean.

My second configuration i use of the pedal is when I use it in conjunction with my overdrive to create a more of a dual channel amp sound. This thing not only fits the bill.. I own several compressor pedals, from cheap knockoffs to high-end optical compressors. This one has surprised me in its quiet performance and its ability to mimic a couple of my favorites. You can get the nice attack that an MXR Dynacomp delivers but with some clean gain. I'm going to keep this one on my pedalboard for a while.

Forget the "great for the price" stuff- this is simply a great pedal regardless of the fact that it's so inexpensive. Except it pretty much nails it. I haven't done any critical testing, but I haven't noticed a difference between the two. I feel a little guilty about it although I assume such cloning is legal , but if you're on a budget -- do it.

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