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Finally he concluded that the most promising approach would be to eliminate time from the equation, and just concentrate on price. After all it is price that you trade rather than time, unless it is an options market. Essentially this reverts to the early days of Technical Analysis, and the use of Point an Figure Charts which just record price changes.

By using a constant range, ex. In the concept was computerized, which meant that many more markets could be studied. Experience in more than 20 years has shown that Nicolellis Range Bars are particularly good at focusing on and clarifying movement.

The way in which a long meandering, horizontal "congestion" is condensed into a bar or two, concentrates attention on the essential underlying price movement while eliminating unnecessary "clutter" and "noise". This also makes the use of Trendlines easier. The range bars just look price, the bar does not close at a specific time but closes when a range is complete, then a new bar opens. If the market moves to 10 then the bar closes and a new bar opens with open price at Note that the range bar chart bottom chart has an arrow on the last bar, that shows that the last bar still open waiting to be completed, while the top chart 78 minutes does not have the arrow anymore, that bar is closed.

The program has 2 ways to create Range Bars charts. The first way uses the 1 minute bar data to create the range bar, then these range bars have some limitations. A very small range, that is smaller than a normal range of a 1 minute bar will create problems.

In real time the program will create more than 1 range bar on the same minute, but when recreating the bars this information does not exist. Design the attached wireframe sample. If we don't like your sample, we will request milestone cancellation and not use your design. Need someone to illustrate and design Creative segments like graphs, charts etc from the given data.

Implementation of KPI Board in a manufacturing site. Hand Draft and one sample are available for Basis. I need to be able to generate excel charts by importing the underlying data that do the following 1. Create a web based. Below are the metrics I need created and attached is the excel worksheet with the data.

I have a dummy budget file I want to create charts using this data, which I assume will require pivot tables. I have mocked up the charts that I want. I think this will be easy, and I need it by 1pm NY time today, if possible. The budget file and charts are attached for reference.

I want to paste sun position data that I can source online into an MS Excel spread sheet to produce a sun path chart in a polar chart format. The sun position data is in up to 7 tables each with 3 columns, and between 10 and 20 rows depending on the number of hours that the sun is in the sky. I want a Freelancer to make an Excel template that I can paste the table data into, and for it to produc JS to draw canvas charts with real time data.

JS etc but charts should load quickly and should be very smooth to use. Previous experience is very much required. Monthly Cost per de You know how to handle Pivot? You know how to create mappings between different tables and values?

You know how to create charts? You know how to plot charts based on a timeline x-axis and e. You know how to mark specific dates with a specific information in a chart? I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet. I am in charge of ordering cash refills for ATM machines.

The total cost is comprised of several factors, Interest, volume, truck fees etc. The job is pretty simple. My objective is to find the optimum amount for each refill and how often should the refills be.

It sounds simpler than it is though. All machines have different volume cash dispensed. They will be x Each of them being different. I have a lot of art work that needs to be taken care of for the next 6 month.

I need an artist that can give me a really good price per design and take them as he completes each task. Ex Day1 x times , Day2 x times , Day3 x times. Need it to be professional. See attached for an example. In dashboard, u can add some charts of it. U can select a good template.

Hello, I am building a new marketing reporting dashboard for I'm building the spreadsheet with all the data sources right now, but i'm terrible at creating charts.

I was hoping someone could step in and help build the charts in the spreadsheet so i could continue to update them with new data over time. It will be regular work, I will try and give good warning and plans. I will normally provide guidance as to formats desired, but open to suggestions The budget is for a range. I will normally only come with several slides [not onr]. I need few charts designed in excel. It will be 1h of work,not more. More info will be provided to the selected freelancer.

I have an excel sheet with 2 pages. On each page there are tables. Sheet one called gauges where I want all rows Sheet one called gauges where I want all rows 6 to be converted to gauges.

On the 2nd sheet called pie charts , above each table there is the number of pie- charts required from each table. Hello, i want to create two statistic charts in my web using json, i am using json because this json i will use later in order to get data to android app, then this job is for PHP and charts. I would need two sets of trading bots.

Simple parameters according to tradingview charts. Candle stick, renko, heiken aishi and line break charts. Price per bot please. We build a crypto wallet and we want to add charting to cryptos.

We are looking for someone that is quick and knows what they are doing without much hand holding. Can work on their own. In every 30 seconds, we are picking data from our machines I need an expert who can create a realtime dashboard for me to display all these values on a realtime dashboard in the form of charts and data points. Please reply with your existing work on [login to view URL]. After receiving Candlesticks it should be able to chart them.

We would also like to draw lines on the charts. Example of the clean chart is tradingview. If anyone has examples of past work on this, that would be helpful.