Katılımcı Listesi ve Sınav Sonuçları

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Turkey is a developed country. The Istanbul Stock Exchange makes contributions to the arts by organizing exhibitions and concerts as well as sponsoring important artistic events in Istanbul. This project that was implemented by the Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities has been of great benefit for us. Now, I have friends from all over the world.

11 Ekim 2011, Canlı Yayın, 9:30

Initiated in December for the purpose of ensuring that securities are traded in a secure and stable environment, capital market in its modern form has a history of twenty-seven years in Turkey.

Literature, music, cinema, life style, and traditional cultures varying from country to country is, in fact, a great fortune. That is why the participation of students from different countries at this academic program is very valuable. From my own perspective, this program provided me an opportunity not only to learn, but also think through a number of subjects. My motivation has increased. Students acquired an interest in many subjects having listened to lectures from various experts.

They did not focus only on their fields of study, but also obtained valuable knowledge and experience in multiple subjects. The International Students Academy conferences held in Kocaeli featured carefully selected topics.

Seminars were given on academic, social, cultural, economic, historical and art subjects. We had an opportunity to listen to and meet some of Turkey's leading academics, poets, writers, historians, economists, marbling and calligraphy artists, traditional musicians, and sociologists. I can easily say that the academy added much more to my personal, social and cultural development and skills than four years of university. This program enabled me to rediscover Turkey in every aspect.

Turkish students we met at the academy were very friendly, sincere and warmhearted. During the academy program, we had the opportunity to get closely acquainted with students from our generation who came from different cultures but shared the same values with us. We also had the opportunity to visit historical places during our Istanbul and Sakarya tours.

We also met with NGO representatives at the academy dinner organized in Kocaeli. I believe that the education we got and the friendships we established will contribute to the good relations between our countries.

The days I spent at the academy are some of the most beautiful memories of my life. I extend my gratitude to everyone who contributed to organizing the International Student Academy. We are guests in Turkey. We are very pleased with the hospitality of Turkish people. This program was a great opportunity to learn about Turkey. During the program, Kayseri tours were organized, and books on different subjects were given as gifts. The number of students who came from different countries to Kayseri is more than We hope that new programs will be implemented for those students who could not participate in this one.

The seminars were very productive. We wish that all students in Kayseri can benefit from these activities, and want this program to continue in the future. I had great and very productive two months. I learned lots of interesting things, and had the opportunity to visit several cities and meet many new friends.

At the seminars, our friends from other countries presented their countries and cultures. We established an International Students Club at school. For me, participating in this program was tremendously beneficial. I extend my sincere gratitude first to my professors, as well as to Birlik Foundation and Presidency for Turks Abroad. This semester was the most productive semester of my education in Turkey.

I carefully followed entire lectures given here. Although the program was short, the seminars were very beneficial and effective. Owing to the opportunities provided by the Istanbul Academy of Sciences IBA and efforts of our esteemed professors, they presented the entire courses within a few hours so well, as if these courses did not need weeks or even months to be presented fully.

We have all reaped the benefits. Since I am studying the history of politics, my favorite courses were courses in International Relations, because the emphasis was on the foreign policies in western countries.

This subject is very important for Muslim countries in general and African countries in particular. Moreover, these seminars helped us a lot with our Turkish.

Many of my friends improved their Turkish, because there are many people here who speak different languages and we all used Turkish as the common language. We hope that programs like this will continue, because they are very important for the progress of international students.

When we return to our countries we will make use of the knowledge and friendships we acquired here. Learning about this will play an important role in the development of relations between Turkey and African countries. Sorry, this entry is only available in Turkish Bangladesh Doctorate Karadeniz Technical University - International Relations These educational programs gave me an opportunity to learn a great deal primarily about Turkish culture, civilization and history.

Those mature shares faced a strong and growing demand from mostly individual investors and some institutional investors.

The early phase of the s saw a marked improvement in the Turkish capital markets, both in regard to the legislative framework and the institutions required to set the stage for sound capital movements. In , the "Capital Market Law" was enacted. The next year, the main regulatory body responsible for the supervision and regulation of the Turkish securities market, the Capital Markets Board based in Ankara , was established.

A new decree was issued in October foreseeing the setting up of securities exchanges in the country. The regulations concerning operational procedures were approved in the parliament and the Istanbul Stock Exchange was formally inaugurated at the end of The Istanbul Stock Exchange makes contributions to the arts by organizing exhibitions and concerts as well as sponsoring important artistic events in Istanbul.

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