Facebook und WhatsApp sollen voneinander unabhängig bleiben

Just tried to purchase Euros using my debit card after a long wait in the post office Camden.

Der Euro in Gefahr: So retten Sie Ihr Geld!

Und das, während sich die Mobilfunk-Konzerne schon seit Jahren darüber beschweren, dass die Internet-Firmen Geld in ihren Netzen verdienen, ohne an den Kosten für den Aufbau der Infrastruktur teilzuhaben. Facebook kontert, die Online-Dienste machten einen mobilen Datenvertrag erst attraktiv. Als symbolische Geste unterzeichnete er die Verkaufspapiere auf den Stufen des Gebäudes, in dem er einst mit Lebensmittel-Karten der Sozialbehörde anstand.

Der Milliardenpreis für WhatsApp erscheint ein Jahr später gar nicht mehr so schockierend. Genau soviel wollte ursprünglich auch Facebook für WhatsApp zahlen, bevor der steigende Aktienkurs den Betrag hochtrieb. Wie unabhängig bleibt WhatsApp? Koum, der in armen Verhältnissen aufwuchs, kann mit dem WhatsApp-Verkauf als Inbegriff des amerikanischen Traums gelten.

Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre Eingabe. Bitte melden Sie sich an, um kommentieren zu können Anmelden Neuanmeldung. E-Mail Adresse Passwort Passwort vergessen? The final amount is calculated as: About Post Office Founded: Just tried to purchase Euros using my debit card after a long wait in the post office Camden. Was told at the counter that I need a passport ID to use my debit card to draw money.

Keeping in mind that I can use the same debit card to withdraw cash at the cash point in this branch and then exchange the cash without ID, this is not only frustrating but also a waste of time. Buy your Euros elsewhere and save the wait. My thoughts on this card are frankly unprintable. Your customer service is lamentable, your security non-existent and you do not keep promises to deal on time with complaints. Despite there being a substantial credit balance on the card to my immense embarrassment it was declined twice in the same shop France.

My card was cloned and it ended up being used by fraudsters in Miami immediately afterwards. Initially you declined its use nine times within a 24 hour period but ultimately two payments were sanctioned and the entire remaining balance plus some extra was permitted to be withdrawn.

On my return home I found that you had the utter gall to demand that I repay the overdrawn balance. Your company is utterly incompetent and completely unfit to offer a money-card service and you should be banned from doing so.

Great speady service with excellent rates. Mixture of notes too! I will be back. The exchange Euro rate was as good as others that were indicated on go compare as a better rate. Our money arrived the day after ordering. I was kept fully informed about the progress of my order. I have never used a postage service for travel money before but I would definitely use Moneycorp again. Very quick and efficient service and delivered next day. Only downside is that the money has to be delivered to the address on the bank account used but I understand this is for security which I appreciate.

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