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Australia Trade Balance Narrows in November. Overview Technical Forecasts News Chart. Ghana Annual Inflation Rate Rises to 9. It looks as if the sellers are attracted to that level again on Friday, and at this point I think rallies continues to fall apart. Its going to go down?


When sentiment is not at extremes, traders get actionable price targets to trade upon. When there is deviation between actual market rate and value reflected in forecasted rate, there is usually an opportunity to enter the market.

No lag in the data: Contrary to other indicators, there is no delay. A very useful tool to combine with other types of analysis of technical nature or based on fundamental macro data, like trading positions , rates table or live chart. Significant sentiment data , based on a representative sample of 25 to 50 leading trading advisors for 5 years.

Do not follow a single guru but rather a balanced group of well chosen experts. There are some alts that have been I was away yesterday and i thought i posted an update here as well. I did it even before i posted it in my channel, but seems something might went wrong. Alts are still weak, have been all day.

Alts need to move up with a sideways The market gives a new signal telling about possible trend reversal. It belongs to a group of reversal patterns. Such a price movement also will break the level of the previous swing high. These signals will be good for opening long positions with stop orders below the Hey followers and other TradingView users! This is a bit longer post than usual but hopefully, educational for You. LIKE this post for support author - appreciate! Take reveal market in last several days, did we sideway?

Why the market did not pump? When we break out Triangle pattern and break up Neck line, regularly we must pump very strong and fast with big volume but why we did not? On 6th Jan EMA orange line was broken which prompted much bullish sentiment, you can see that the candle has good volume. After this break, Bitcoin had to retrace and test EMA again as support. We can see that EMA was tested and support held.

If this resistance can be broken, Bitcoin can continue Bulls maintain control for now and remain poised to take out resistances going forward. At a lower degree, a 5 wave rally might have EU failed to break the support and trendline. Also bounced on 0. Let me know what you It is good to buy on dips around 1. The market is currently above 1. Cypher pattern complete time to go short we have 3 targets which is 0.