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I unfortunately mostly have little stretches of time to play. Thank you all for the quick replies. None ever had no manual save option. Or mybe I never noticed, because the tutorials have all been too short to notice. So not that obvious really. Right, no manual save there, but usually continues where you left. I finished it now and have been awarded a Quit button.

Hanki View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by Station This is multiplayer lol. Otparpeosydur View Profile View Posts. Starlight View Profile View Posts. It took just one to strike me, draining my energy, my one source of solace in this strange glitch of a zerg rush for lack of a better term, gone.

It took only a few seconds before my health reach rock bottom. And then, the oddness continued. Instead of immediately ragdolling, my character fell back- as if there was others in the game. But that was impossible, I was playing solo, there was noone there to revive me, it shouldn't have downed me. I took the opportunity to keep the attacking going, fighting until my pistol ammo was dry, as the beasts gathered closely around my downed character.

It was hard to even see my character at this rate, due to all the bodies and entities in the area. As I watched the timer finally hit zero, I was yet again surprised as the creatures, for no discernible reason, suddenly moved slowly out of the room. And then, my character started to get to her feet. Not the backflip like when revived, or even getting up when staggered or knocked down.

No, she slowly staggered up, movements jerky and body twitching irregularly, as if drunk or injured. As Ember finally got to her feet again, she suddenly convulsed, her model twisting and writing. I watched in horror as the suit that made her frame tore, revealing pale, sickly skin, just like the Infested. Several tears had outcrops of the infection rip out, twisting into macabre shapes as they hung from her body.

Her shoulders swelled, leaving her in a hunched form. And then, slowly, she'd grow idle, grasping the shotgun and holding it limply after it had fallen to the floor with her change. In shock, I let go of the mouse, accidentally bumping it and seeing the camera swivel. I seemed to have control again, but a part of me was wanting to escape the game, to not continue. However, greed got the better of me.

My resources and money were low, and I desperately needed to strengthen my characters with the new changes to the game. Trying to hold back my confusion at what just happened, I slowly moved my character out of the room that should have been a death.

As I began to move this Infested Ember, Lotus once again came with a radio message, claiming the enemies on this ship needed to be purged.

The message, however, was garbled with static, an effect I had never seen in the game before- but at this rate that was par for the course, as something specifically wrong was going on. A part of me was trying to rationalize this as some sort of surprise new feature- something that was snuck in with low bravado, like the mysterious 'Shade' that had started showing up after the patch- but it just felt too scripted.

Too unnatural in the game's mechanics. As I moved onward, I was greeted, not by Infested, but by the armored Grineer as I headed on this new mission. Finally, something that wasn't entirely breaking of the game- sometimes in missions, the enemy pallet can swap, leading to a character that particularly overspecialized for the enemies that normally appear to be at a disadvantage- although, it didn't usually happen this early in the solar map.

Luckily, whatever plague that happened to my character wasn't inhibiting the character's standard combat actions, allowing me to attack them back. After the first wave of Grineer, I noticed again, an oddity. Usually when fighting the more humanoid enemies, they will spout various trash-talk or combat quotes, such as announcing that they're reloading, they've spotted the player, or comments that they think they have them surrounded.

On this situation, until they spotted Ember directly, they did the same thing. However, as soon as they spotted her, the vocals changed.

Upon first contact, one would scream 'Don't let it escape! While it lasts, I would say Rhino kills quicker than any other frame. Rhino stomp has a huge range that goes through walls, unlike m prime, and can be combined with roar to make it one shot enemies for a bit longer. You also deal double damage to enemies close to you.

Saryn's ult has the highest base damage I believe and deals corrosive damage, which is good on almost everything. If you're looking for someone who can one shot a room of enemies for as long as possible then saryn is your best bet, although the range is less than rhino stomp and still can't beat Nova's potential damage output. Corrupted Rhino is pretty bad ass. You'll kill things into the mid-upper 30's easily. Everyone else will be floating for you to walk around and kill.

I think the most important thing is to match your playing style with your team mates. Otherwise, any ability you use too often is going to be unappreciated. You should try trinity there's nothing as fun as having max link and standing in the middle of a pack of mobs killing themselves or if you want to go 1 step higher use ur ultimate to make urself immortal and try blowing urself up with ogris while link is up.

Imo the most powerful is Rhino but the most fun is Loki. I just love creeping up on enemies all of killing them. Then walking away like nothing happened. If your main issue with World on Fire is the cast time, acquire Natural Talent to cut that in half. Or if the issue is you're taking too much damage while casting it, just hit Accelerant first Or, you could play Ember like I do: Forget World on Fire entirely! I don't need an Ultimate to melt mobs' faces right off!

Stunning mobs with a bit of petrol in their eyes, and then hosing them down with some napalm dishes out some very impressive damage, and is a much more fun play-style than repeatedly mashing your '4' button. The sheer amount of answers to this has been very helpful! I actually did want to try to farm up a rhino or rhino prime for that matter next. I already have a loki, a Valkyr, and a Vabuan. Along with the Ember obviously. All have been quite fun in their own ways, and I did toy around with Ember a bit more, and have been rather enjoying it.

So I'll definitely consider some of these, and I'm surprised that Rhino dishes out enough damage to be considered. I've only been playing a few weeks now really. Zephyr is probably the most fun frame for me. She's insanely mobile and that is just flat out fun running and flying through the maps. When it comes to dealing damage I've found Valkyr, Frost, and Mag to be a cut above the rest. I'd have to recommend Frost though, his kit is just too good all around.

If you just want to be the best damage dealer pick up Nova, if you want to have fun stick with Ember or try someone else. In all seriousness, I do love Ember as my primary caster. Accelerant plus Fireball and a Natural Talent equals death. Massive amounts of death. For the new Reddit design, go to https: For titles , begin the title with [Spoiler] and don't put the actual spoiler content in the title. For comments , use: Invoke it by having a phrase encapsulated by curly brackets.

Or shall I end up in the constant Nova? Can't forget about those watermelons on her chest. With Blind Rage she can put out immense damage. Volt's actually probably a good standard to base frames on. Heres what I use, Gonna get vitality up 1 more rank, same with blind rage: Because of turbulence, I find zephyr a better tank than rhino.

I don't know bro, it does curve the bombards rockets away.