Chinese Palmistry

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According to the annals the founder of the first Chinese Xia dynasty was emperor Yu the Great. Online Brokerage über finanzen.

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Along with the Xia State, the pre-imperial period of the Chinese history includes the history of another two dynasties — Shang Shang-Yin and Zhou. Many data on the period of these dynasties are not extant today, taking into consideration the Chinese antiquity. There are no exact data on the chronological frameworks of the period of the Shang Dynasty.

The representatives of this dynasty are believed to be nomads who professed Totemism. Their inner structure had matriarchal relations in the basis, since they worshiped the spirit of the Earth, which personified the feminine.

China has preserved a great number of archeological finds of the period of Shang-Yin dynasty displayed in Chinese museums. The Shang-Yin dynasty was replaced by the Zhou which came to power in its western borders shortly before the decay of the Shang State. The Zhou tribes were cattle breeders, but within several centuries they managed to adopt a sedentary way of life. This period of the Chinese history is studied better. Its capital was Tszunchzhou not far from Xian.

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