Gold & Silber-Preis-Entwicklung - 2007

Not that I don't believe you but I have never read that in all the history I read. As a European, if you have some of US coins lingering around, then why not sell them to some Yankee putz who thinks that US AU is the only game in town.

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Just seeme like an easier way for a diy to conceive a stator. Ive seen you and Herberts post with Honk. Some good attachments for wave winding from Herbert. Liked the press jig for litz too. I hope he continues in his experiments Fun to play with wave and lapped windings in the toothless 2 pole inrunner. With your experience have you any suggestions? Have you used a former to lay out the slotless windings this way? This should be feasible in over a mylar sleeve on the rotor I will still look at powder cores for high rpm but you know we must have high power and good starting torque for water sports.

This powder core is a road traveled but there seems to be suggestions about hybrid possibilities using both powder and metal from those that have tried.

Ill stay with SPS. You know we have scaled the size to that of a very popular outrunner. It should pop right on for review. Though I know u tell me I need to rebalance the circuits Thomas you really should fly this Kabi before I tear it down as it shows from my view an even better flat top on the scope than the SL. If Im looking at Herberts wind on my scope in comparison to the empirical data in all these thesis not a prop and modeled log he did a wonderful Job.

Im curious to see it perform in a plane or heli. Too low kv for any of my speed boat. PEM, Stefan What are you working on? Sorry I love to talk so maybe answers will come later I wonder how does this double helix compare to the rhombic style who also seems to exhibit great character, and wonder has the rhombic style been used in any slotless outrunner prototypes and the result? Hi, for Slotless coils better do the way using straight wire in the lengh of the rotormagnet. Congrats for your outrunner results , great worke.

No comparison to straight but this seems to fall in accordance with some of the information presented in the double helix article which it seem would become symmetrical as compared to a single helix wind presented in this resource. Your work with the hammer is better Im not suprized about SL's as many have known for awhile its better. Like the pyro For getting a minimum of loss we tuned the motor with a SPS-Y winding.

On the picture you can see that only the half of the stator is winded. I wont ask Thomas again to fly this kabi which is right around the same size and kv. In addition, Privateers were used by the U. On 8 April , Soviet La fighters shot down a U. The earlier XP4Y-1 Corregidor was a completely different design, based on the Consolidated Model 31 twin-engine flying boat.

The crew of nine were killed. Another was shot down on 15 February by Burmese Hawker Sea Fury fighter aircraft, near the Thai-Burmese border, killing the crew of five. Two other crew members were taken prisoner. This aircraft was carrying supplies for Chinese Kuomintang forces fighting in northern Burma. A limited number of refitted PB4Ys and P4Ys continued in civilian service as airtankers , dropping fire retardant on forest fires throughout the western United States.

Both crew members were killed in the accident, and the Federal Aviation Administration temporarily grounded all large air tankers in the region.

See United States airtanker crashes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. United States Navy aircraft since Schiffer Military History, Bei der Menge des verkauften Goldes haben wir das Vorjahresniveau schon jetzt deutlich überschrittenund zum Jahresende zieht das Geschäft üblicherweise noch einmal an, denn Gold wird zu Weihnachten gern verschenkt. Dabei geht es nicht nur um kleine Summen: Nur tiefe Verunsicherung, ja Angst treibt zu solchen Handlungen.

Solche Berichte sind für das System extrem gefährlich! Denn sie produzieren Nachahmer! Eine wichtige Etappe ist geschafft. Der Goldpreis ist an einem Tag sogar an einem Freitag von ca. Es sieht aus, als hätte das Goldkartell bei seinen Drückungsversuchen total versagt. Das lässt darauf schliessen, dass das Finanzsystem gerade in die "Todeszone" eintritt und eine Flucht des "Big Money", besonders aus dem US-Dollar begonnen hat.

Dabei wird das Medienecho noch grösser werden und weiteres Geld in das Gold ziehen. Das heisst, der Goldpreis ist immer noch sehr niedrig, aber ein steigender Goldpreis wird die Zinsen wie mit hochziehen, was das System dann "umbringt". Dann gibt es keine Grenze mehr nach oben. Bloomberg drückt es sehr schön aus: Die letzten Chancen in Gold- und Silbermetall einzusteigen, dürften jetzt sein. Das System ist jetzt in höchster Gefahr! The corollary to that is the ONLY thing that matters.

If Jon Nadler is thinking these very determined long holders are going to cut and run he doesn't understand the concept of a short squeeze. The Cartel has had their opportunity to turn the longs into sellers and it has failed every time. The fact the price has gone up makes them want it more! Auch wenn Gold aus "technischer Sicht" im Moment "überkauft" ist. Bill, Well it finally happened: And it is all thanks to you and GATA.

I bought my first bullion in cashed out a K and started lurking at the various gold sites. I lapsed and picked back up a year or so later not sure of the dates. But the point is that since I have been in gold and since I have been very aware of you and the GATA message. But for you Bill, I would have liquidated long ago and have missed this great bull market. But for you Bill and I mean that with all sincerity.

You and GATA have directly, materially benefited my hopes, dreams and aspirations. And yes, I took great satisfaction from taking the Cabals money and using it to help fight the fight with the other Zulus.

Er hat es richtig gemacht: Ich hoffe, ich darf auch hier bald einigen Gold-Millionären durch Hartgeld. Nicht vergessen, die 1. Million ist die Schwierigste, die weiteren Millionen kommen dann leicht - wenn man bis zum Höhepunkt drinnen bleibt.

Silber-Millionär zu werden ist etwas arbeitsaufwändiger - aber noch profitabler. Hier sieht man sehr schön, welche Rohstoffe "Geldcharakter" haben, also primär Gold, sekundär Öl. Mit den anderen Rohstoffen ist in einer Krise nicht so viel Geld zu machen.

As a result of this, most gold shorts are now deeply under water. As I said on Thursday, nobody should be surprised when Friday's O. They did; up another 11, contracts. I await Friday's O. The Commitment of Traders report issued on Friday at 3: Some of the traders in the Commercial category not the Gold Cartel are not only going long in larger numbers, but covering short positions as well.

It appears that the non-Cartel Commercials who do not have the Gold Cartel's deep pockets are being forced to cover their shorts. If this is the case, then we could see gold rise significantly as the non-Cartel shorts head for the hills.

Let's see what happens on Monday. Despite gold's stunning rise in price during the last four trading days, the shares did not join in the fun as much as one would expect. This has happened before, and there are dark rumblings by some commentators over at Bill Murphy's LeMetropoleCafe.

Das Goldkartell verhindert noch den grossen Ausbruch, indem es unglaublich Short an der Comex ist, diee anderen Commercials gehen schon Long.

Japanese send gold through the 'clouds' as it breaches 3, yen. Irgendwann werden sie mit den mickrigen Zinsen nicht mehr zufrieden sein. In Japan ist richtiges Kapital vorhanden, wenn das zuschlägt B ut when Ben S. Bernanke lowered the Federal Funds rate by a full 50 basis points to 4.

Yes, gold will continue to correct now and again but in his panic, Bernanke showed the only real risk is to savers of dollars. The dollar is dead, long live gold.

As I said in my last piece released on Friday Oct 5th, the Bernanke panic of September 18th has made gold risk-free. And the world faces two systemic events at the same time. Your world is fixing to change in ways we can only dream of in nightmares.

It's a good time to own gold. Mehr muss man dazu nicht sagen, als dass Ben Bernanke mit seiner Zinssenkung den Goldkauf risikolos gemacht hat. Dass heisst, im Goldpreis wird es kaum mehr eine wesentliche Abwärtsbewegung geben, es geht primär aufwärts.

Der Mogambo Guru dazu: Golden years for Harry Schultz. And Schultz's focus on gold is right on the news. Big rate cuts, like this 50 points, are always an act of desperation. Such cuts have usually been followed by recessions. More cuts will follow. It set the future in cement for the U.

Currency debasement never produces wealth. Fed knows this, but took a political decision. Nothing new about that. Much higher inflation now guaranteed My tentative targets by end of Herein we normally see the biggest percentage gains, matched by biggest corrections as we saw in the '70s gold rush: But that makes for great trading opportunities.

This is the phase where the BIG money is made , by those who go with the tides. In and out, in and out Er empfiehlt fast alles in Goldminen zu investieren, den Rest in Energie. In my commentary yesterday I pointed out that there were some signs that the gold market has been trading differently and suggested that big money is taking on the Cartel. This is very unusual because there is typically a barrage of margin call selling for 2 days following a Cartel take-down. There was almost undoubtedly margin call selling which means that someone else was buying".

The Cartel must have read the Midas column last night and said "No follow through! The thugs soon had the little speculators lying on the floor in hand-cuffs while they fired Taser guns at them. Everything was going their way as usual. And when the smoke cleared there was Bear carcass for as far as the eye could see!

The massive Call option positions belong to someone with some heavy artillery. There is now no doubt about it. This thesis is further supported by my Market Force Analysis technique which does not place gold and silver in a high risk zone, on the contrary they are low risk to neutral currently".

It now looks as if the Commercial Signal failure is here and now. Tomorrow it will be the turn of Cartel Groupies who went short yesterday and this morning to wake up to a margin call from their brokers. Der Text ist zwar etwas kriegerisch. Die alten Methoden funktionieren nicht mehr so einfach.

Bill Murphy betitelt diesen Midas mit: Die Zeiten haben sich offenbar geändert. Soll ich jetzt lieber in Gold investieren? Goldene Zeiten brechen an. Die Kurse sind wie das gelbe Edelmetall selbst: Experten rechnen damit, dass der Trend anhalten wird. Der Artikel ist eher neutral, aber die Breitenwirkung dieses Blattes ist enorm - nicht zu unterschätzen. Dollar crunch puts gold centre stage. THE dominoes are toppling. What began as a credit crunch has turned into a dollar crunch.

We are witnessing a run on the world's paramount reserve currency, an event that occurs twice a century or so, and never with a benign outcome. The US dollar has fallen through parity against the Canadian dollar and plummeted to all-time lows against a basket of currencies. None of the mature economic blocs seems able to take the strain, let alone step in to restore order. Europe will not let America export its day of reckoning to the rest of the world. It will counter with its own devaluation.

Eigentlich könnte man diesen Artikel auch unter Dr. Gold einordnen, so prophetisch ist er. Offenbar mussten die Zentralbanken ihren Goldpreis-Drückung reduzieren, um die Banken retten zu können. Auch wenn Europa versucht, den Import von Amerikas Tag der Abrechnung mit eigener Abwertung zu verhindern, es wird nicht gelingen. Es wird einen eigenen Tag der Abrechung in Europa geben - wenn das gesamte Kartenhaus implodiert und der Goldpreis explodiert.

This is a completely stealth move with almost no retail attention which means it is being driven by powerful fundamentals and not speculative fervor.

When the upside break comes — and it may be here - we may be in for an absolute explosion in gold and oil and interest rates. Die Preisdrückung seit Mai hat gewirkt - beim Volk - so funktioniert das "neue Goldverbot".

Bei einem viel höheren Preis werden sie wohl wieder einsteigen - wie üblich. Die geboren Verlierer in jedem Bull-Market. Spanish gold move boost for bullion. Gestern wollten sie ihren Immobilienmarkt und ihre Banken noch mit aller Gewalt "gesundbeten".

Wenn sie jetzt kaum mehr Gold verkaufen wollen, kann das entweder bedeuten, dass sie keines mehr haben, oder den Rest für noch schwierigere Zeiten erhalten wollen.

Der amerikanische Ökonom Turk prognostiziert den krisengeschütteltem Finanzmärkten ein jähes Ende - und rechnet mit der Rückkehr des Goldstandard. Doch die wiederholten Geldspritzen der Währungshüter, die damit versuchen, die von Misstrauen geprägten Kreditmärkte am Laufen zu halten, lassen die Aussagen des Einwanderersohnes aus Ohio in anderem Licht erscheinen. Im Unterschied zu den meisten Schwarzsehern seiner Zunft hat er seine Sicht der Dinge nicht nur materiell, sondern auch rechtlich abgesichert: Turk hat sich ein eigenes Online-Geldsystem auf Edelmetallbasis namens "Goldmoney.

Immerhin Anleger weltweit haben ihm nach seinen Angaben umgerechnet Millionen Euro anvertraut, um damit in Turks "Goldwährung" bezahlen zu können. Wenn sich die Süddeutsche Zeitung schon für den Gründer von Goldmoney. What else is going to propel such surging buying interest in gold?

Well, honestly, it has all been laid out in this column for weeks and months. The only difference is that we finally have manifestation. This accrues to gold any which way you look at it. Owners of physical gold do not have counterparty risk.

Never has this special gold quality been of more paramount importance. Das kann man nicht fett genug darstellen: Gold hat kein Counterparty-Risiko , d. Das ist in Zeiten wie diesen, wo das Bankensystem im Untergang ist, nicht hoch genug zu bewerten. Daher steigt auch wieder der Goldpreis. Dubai gold sales rose 33 per cent in value in July compared with the year-ago period despite higher prices as buyers grew accustomed to the greater costs, an industry executive said on Saturday.

To sum it up, The Gold Cartel is making sure the price does not rise, thus eliciting more and more commentary how it has lost status as a safe haven, which is one of the motives of The Gold Cartel for doing what they do in the first place. Unsuspecting investors in the West lose heart and back away. Meanwhile, the Arabs, Indians, etc. Throw the US financial market press in that camp too.

Die Araber und Andere kaufen alles auf, was es gibt. Nur wir hier im Westen werden durch das Goldkartell mit seinen Medien-Manipulationen davon abgebracht. This is a way for serious money to get a big position in gold without blowing the roof off the price when they purchase.

If the price moves into the strike price the options can be exercised for futures contracts or gold bullion.

Das ist sicher nicht "Joe Sixpack" - der braucht nur sein Bier. A senior executive at a Turkish jewelry company has told the Turkish press that China has stated it will buy 2, tons of gold. If China realizes its claim that it will buy 2, tons of gold, he said…This amount equals a total annual gold production and consumption in the whole world.

It is interesting that a Turkish source is making this assertion, as that country is an increasingly important hub in world gold trade. China's Demand Determines Gold Prices.

Besonders die längerfristigen, siehe Goldseiten rechts unten. Das heisst, es wird teurer Gold und Silber gegen "Zinsen" auszuborgen. Die Lease-Rates sind aber immer noch sehr niedrig. Meanwhile, as the dummy central bankers give away gold at bargain basement prices to protect their own domains, the Arabs, Chinese, Indians, etc. This report is nothing less than extraordinary:. Gold imports surged by Viel von dem in die Türkei importierten Gold geht weiter in die Nachbarstaaten.

Aber nicht nur dort: Es scheint, das Big Money riecht auch bei uns schön langsam die Lunte. This would exceed by a wide margin the UBS said this "seems inevitable, based on the rate of recent sales announced by the ECB on behalf of Eurosystem members and some assumptions about Swiss National Bank sales.

UBS noted that in the week to July 27 Eurosystem banks sold about Also, the Swiss National Bank sold 14 mt of gold in the two weeks following the announcement that they plan to sell mt over the remaining term of the CBGA. But we believe this is unlikely. Diese Idioten von Europäischen Zentralbankern wollen ihre Quote dieses Jahr voll auschöpfen und sogar noch drüber gehen.