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Fargo, North Dakota Red River. Vogelewede and Airman Rebecca M. Hanson, both of the th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, make their way through harsh winds and snow in their chemical warfare gear F-WA High-school buildings and grounds Jack Dalrymple, 15 September Looking North Broadway and 2nd Fargo.

Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Montana gazetteer and business directory Near Main Avenue Fargo. North Dakota Recruit Training Battalion. North Dakota Storm North High Fargo ND. On the Edge Downtown Fargo. Paul Machajewski, Corps of Engineers, St. And with one month to go until Election Day, "North Dakota nice," as it is called here, has taken a backseat to bare knuckles politics. Heidi Heitkamp was ready to vote 'yes' on Kavanaugh. Then she watched him with the sound off.

The latest flashpoint in the race was the battle over the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Heitkamp, who was one of only three Democratic senators to vote for Trump's first Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, voted against Kavanaugh after he faced accusations of sexual assault.

For a candidate who has touted her ability to work with the President, the move was politically risky. Heitkamp was quick to cut a TV ad explaining her vote as a matter of conscience, politics be damned.

And though she knows it could hurt her, Heitkamp told CNN she hopes voters see it as another example of her independence. I don't take shortcuts," she said.

I've taken some tough votes that Democrats haven't liked in the Senate. I've taken some votes that Republicans haven't liked, but at the end of the day, you have an obligation to do the right thing as you see it, and I think that's what's missing maybe a little bit in politics today.

Cramer calls himself the most surprised person in America by her no vote. To me, she had more to lose there than had she voted for him. Had she voted for him, she would have maintained where she was now, except probably would have lost some of her base. Her base is much smaller than the pro-Kavanaugh base in North Dakota," Cramer said. North Dakota may be seen as a reliably ruby red state, but it was actually only eight years ago that this Great Plains state was represented by two Democratic senators: Remarkably, Cramer and Heitkamp gave the same answer to that question: More significantly, Heitkamp too said she worries about the way her party is headed and what it means for the fate of moderates like her.

Watching Heitkamp on the campaign trail, the happy, easy demeanor she is known for is still on full display. She talks policy, family and politics with everyone and anyone -- from a parade route to an Oktoberfest celebration. She knows political strategists in both parties in Washington are writing her off as a goner in November.

She takes heart in reminding people, and perhaps herself, that it was a squeaker when she won her first term six years ago by less than one percentage point. I still think I have to make the case for what I'm going to do," Heitkamp said. Her challenge was made a whole lot harder when Trump, who had said nice things about her, worked with her and even talked to her about a Cabinet post, talked Cramer into running against her.

Cramer, currently serving as this thinly populated state's at-large congressman, was open about the fact that he did not want to run against Heitkamp. The Bank of North Dakota is where all of the money from all government agencies is held. The FDIC guarantees that people will not lose money if a bank fails.

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