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Health is a great concern for most of us. Many of our modern diseases originates from our diet. Many struggle to lose weight, others have medical issues that drugs only help to cover the symptoms.

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Health is a great concern for most of us. Many of our modern diseases originates from our diet. Many struggle to lose weight, others have medical issues that drugs only help to cover the symptoms.

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The European Investment Bank has released its new study: Ketosis is not the the same condition as Ketoacidosis. It's a life-threatening condition resulting from dangerously high levels of ketones and blood sugar.

Acetone is spontaneously released from the liver when ketone energy is formed. Don't mixup breath ketones with blood ketones. Blood ketones are formed from excess ketone energy and could be converted back into energy at any time. In some situations one could say that they correlate, higher breath ketone level and you might find more blood ketones. Then add that your body could have issues both creating them and use them for energy, these factors makes it harder to interpret blood ketones.

Care about Health and Want to Change your Lifestyle? Does Your Diet Work? How do you know if your changes really increase your metabolism? Measure anytime You can easily measure when you are on the move. Using Heads Up Health consolidates your health to one stop analysis.

Science behind the ketogenic diet and the difference between measuring blood and breath ketones. What it is, how it's working and how to calculate the right mix of macronutrients and more TV Here you find interviews, instructional and troubleshooting videos. Read the review by Ketogenic Supplement Reviews. A solid device that does it's job well When you have read and understood the instructions, and you understand what you are measuring - which is an important point, then this device is very good.

The fact that it is reusable without having to buy test strips or similar, is great as it means you can test every 10 minutes throughout the day if you wish, and it doesn't cost any extra.

I absolutely love it I purchased this on Amazon on July 26th of this year. It took me a week or so to understand it's benefits and how to use it effectively.

Cannot wait for the 2nd novel in the series to see what happens next to Isla. Feb 07, 1 Warriors Fan rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Loved the names of the foxcraft like wa'akkir. I liked the names Pirie and Isla. How did you think of calling dad Fa, mom Ma, and grandma Greatma! I tried this because i thought it was sorta like Warriors, Seekers and Survivors.

It needs a more catching start but other than that it's perfect. I would put this in my ratings with Warriors and Guardians of Ga'hoole. Awesome job Inbali Iserles! Feb 15, Susan Griffin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dieses Buch ist wirklich klasse..! Es geht um die junge Füchsin Isla, die am Anfang der Geschichte von ihrer Familie getrennt wird und auf der Suche nach ihnen durch die Stadt streift, verfolgt von einer Fuchsmeute Warum haben die ihren Bau angezündet und wie findet sie ihre Familie die auf einmal vom Erdboden verschluckt ist Eine sehr schöne Geschichte, die mich von Anfang an mitgenommen hat.

Man kann sich sofort in Isla hineinversetzen und leidet mit ihr. Besonders toll fand ich den Erzählstil. Es wird aus der Perspektive von Isla erzählt und es gibt ein Fuchsvokabular. Also ich finde keinen Grund hier Punkte abzuziehen und freue mich schon auf den nächsten Band Oct 09, Naomi O'Higgins rated it it was amazing. Foxcraft The Taken is a fantastic read. Without giving too much away, the world of Isla and her search for her family is totally compelling as she navigates the world of the furless learning to harness the skills of foxcraft with danger never far behind.

I would agree with some of Foxcraft The Taken is a fantastic read. I would agree with some of the other reviewers that the book is perfect for its targeted readership of 8 - 12 year olds and for anyone who has a sense of wonder. Nov 23, Gabriel L. Where is book 2?!?!?!?!?!? To me, the storyline is great, no, terrific, and Inbali Iserles has done a great job on characters, setting, events, everything!

So seriously, where is book 2? Oct 13, Carolyn Gonzalez rated it it was amazing. Isla, a young fox, has been seperated from her family. She is being hunted by a ruthless enemy. Inorder to survive, she must learn the magical secrets of her kind.

She was not intrested and questioned herself a lot. She learns how to use her talents and she learns how survive by most of her worst enemy's. Nov 02, Susannah rated it it was amazing. Very Lovely Story about a sweet little foxling that lost her family, and set out to find them again! A very interesting read, can't wait for the next book to come out! Nov 19, Gabriele Reyes rated it it was amazing Shelves: I truly liked the book. Oct 05, Ava rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is a amazing book about a young fox named Isla that comes home to strage foxes at her den and so she must go on a quest to find her family back.

D Das Buch gefiel mir richtig gut, und Cathlen Gawlich liest es wunderbar vor, sogar mit verschiedenen Stimmen. Natürlich werden nicht alle Dinge geklärt, da es ja der erste Band einer Trilogie? Ich bin schon gespannt, wie es weiter geht! I was sent a copy of this book by the publisher in return for an honest review.

Extended Review to follow. May 29, Poppy rated it it was amazing. The Taken is an amazing book based on the myths and tales of Foxcraft. Isla, a young fox, is separated from her family, including Pirie. She then meets a mysterious fox by the name of Siffrin. Will she be able to find her family? A stunning tale of a fox finding their way through the urban world. Oct 22, Sydney Higgenbottom rated it really liked it. A cunning, daring, and smart fox; she lives with her family in the woods by a city.

Isla and her family are very close, especially her and her brother, Pirie. They share a special bond, one that is almost magical. Isla's life is going pretty good until one day, she returns from hunting, and finds her den on fire! Her family is gone, including her brother! She discovers hostile foxes near her family's den, and sprints away. Isla wanders around looking for her brother, until she meets Meet Isla. Isla wanders around looking for her brother, until she meets a very strange fox who claims he can teach her "magic.

This fox also tells her that she has a unusual bond between her and her lost brother, and that this is why he can teach her magic. Isla's trust wavers of her partner on the journey for her brother, and she has no one to help her. She doesn't know who she should trust, and even where to go I definitely would recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy!

This was my first fantasy book for the book reviews, but i enjoyed this! I gave it four stars because it had a great plot, and great characters! The only thing that i would improve on was the "speed" of the book, because some parts were a little bit slow.

Foxcraft had a lot of "twists and turns" and it wasn't predictable either. It was a book that kept me on my feet. I made connections between Inbali Iserles and Erin Hunter's writing techniques. They both made you feel like you were a part of the story. My favorite part was when Isla learns to slimmer. The prey won't see you, and you can stalk up to them. Like this" He dropped to his belly so he slunk low like a cat, poised with one foreleg raised. His tail drifted behind him as he crept along the blue floor, setting down one paw after another.

I could hear the shush of his breath Wie konnte ich da nur widerstehen? Insgesamt finde ich die Idee sehr gut umgesetzt, die Story ist interessant und der Schreibstil ist wunderbar! Die Beschreibungen sind an manchen Stellen sehr poetisch, was mir unheimlich gefallen hat. Das Buch ist aus der Perspektive von Isla in der 4. Das Buch ist aus der Perspektive von Isla in der Ich-Form geschrieben und da sie ein junger Fuchs ist, sind ihre Ansichten hin und wieder naiv, trotzig und aufmüpfig, das hat mich jedoch nie gestört.

Es kommt also keine Übermasse an Charakteren auf einmal vor, sondern hauptsächlich zwei im Fokus und viele weitere Nebencharaktere, die hie und da wieder mal auftauchen. Ich mochte die Charaktere allesamt. Isla - wie gesagt, etwas naiv, trotzig, aber liebenswert und loyal. Siffrin mochte ich sehr, auch wenn er etwas selbstgerecht ist.

Einen halben Stern musste ich abziehen, da es hin und wieder - besonders an einer Stelle - doch zu sehr vermenschlicht wurde. Das klang mir dann doch zu sehr nach einem New Adult Roman, ich bezweifle, dass Muskeln für Füchse attraktiv sind.

Wann kommt Band 2? Check out my other reviews, discussions and link ups at Fantasy of the Silver Dragon. I loved how the events unfolded in the story. We get to learn what is happening right along with Isla, only knowing what she knows or learns along the way. Because of this, you get sucked right into the story from the first pages.

I liked the way the magic worked in the book. And the names the foxes had for human things made total sense. Like streets are called Deathways. And forest areas are c Check out my other reviews, discussions and link ups at Fantasy of the Silver Dragon. And forest areas are called Wildways.

The personalities of the various characters were well written. It was easy to connect with them, and the world itself was fully believable. I hope we get to see more of Siffrin in the next book, I really liked him as a character. I also liked the Wolf. Isla herself of course was the favorite, since you see the world through her eyes.

And I loved how she grew so much just over the course of the book. I will be picking up the next book in the series once it has come out, and if you haven't read this one yet I recommend you do so! This review was originally posted on Fantasy of the Silver Dragon Jul 14, Martha rated it really liked it Shelves: Sensing danger she flees, desperately trying to locate them, especially her twin brother Pirie. Her journey to find them is treacherous with mean spirited animals especially rival fox clans ready to attack, as well as unfriendly humans in their mangers cars terrifying and dangerous on the deathways roads.