Marking the halfway point in the season, the infamous Red Bull Romaniacs will serve up five unforgettable days of Hard Enduro racing for round five on June August 4. Dynamical properties of almost repetitive Delone sets , Christoph Richard,

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Evaluation of minimum animal welfare conditions in national standards and farm certification schemes for pig fattening. Applied Economics 42 8: Regulatory policies in meat trade: Is there evidence for least trade-distorting sanitary regulations? American Journal of Agricultural Economics 91 5: Agricultural Economics 36 2: German Journal of Agricultural Economics Agrarwirtschaft 56 3: Economia Agraria y Recursos Naturales 6: The regulation of food safety in EU trade agreements: Strategies for regulatory cooperation.

Agri-investment trends in selected vulnerable countries— will they contribute to reduce food insecurity? Challenges in agricultural trade between EU and Africa. Förderung der Ernährungssouveränität oder Agrar-Kolonialismus? Ein Blick auf die landwirtschaftliche Transformation in Afrika. Herausforderungen und nachhaltige Wege.

Beyond CAP to consider external dimensions for development. The future of the CAP — Considering effects for developing countries. Die globale Dimension der Gemeinsamen Agrarpolitik: Welternährung, Handel, Entwicklung und Fluchtursachenbekämpfung. Was und wie viel gemeinsam? On the road to a fairer agricultural trade? GIZ Bonn agricultural policy learning event, Europäische Produktion und der Globale Süden. European Partnership Agreements with Africa: Overview on content, implementation status and challenges, negotiation process, other African trade initiatives, GIZ Brussels policy learning event, 9.

Nikita Logachev July 14, Vann Adrian-Hage July 10, Beautiful venue with great acoustics! It was a pleasure. Pam Savell June 27, Kar Kit Mak June 26, Sound in the middle of hall was good. Corrine Wilkinson June 26, Shih Ming Chang June 25, The resonance of the the instrument is quite good.

Cheryl Athayde June 22, Renee Corley June 15, Teresa Benedetti May 21, John Warren May 13, A very historic and beautiful venue. Larry Burton April 22, A perfect location for the wonderful musical program. Andrey Timoshin April 22, Martgin Dyckman April 21, The seats aren't terribly comfortable but the acoustics are excellent. Dorothy Lynch April 21, John Warren April 21, A very beautiful concert hall with great accoustics. Samantha Greenwood April 19, Avigdor Blankenfeld April 18, Kelly Kim April 18, David Driesen April 14, Ka Wan Cheung April 13, Daniela Tortella April 12, Boaretto Anna April 11, Helen Mc Naull April 07, Smetana Hall is beautiful and grand venue - a real feel of elegance from another era.

Isabelle Decarniere March 29, Michael Perre March 29, John Baker March 29, Alan Coady February 14, Werner Schieweg February 13, Alexandre Pouget January 15, Michel Flauto January 07, Alexandra Vancea January 05, Naoki Tomioka January 03, Patrick D'Arcy January 02, Ales Michalek January 01, Thomas Schellhammer January 01, Thea could the hall are simply amazing. Cyril Cuda December 31, Municipal House is ideal as it is a must see on its own.

La salle est imposante, les fresques belles. Jean Rochon December 25, Stephen Howell December 23, Beautiful venue, shame about the poor comfort seats. Kristen O'loughlin December 13, Jeffrey Chambers December 04, Luca Bobbio November 06, Jacopo Martinez November 02, Claire Dixon October 28, Mustafa Kutsal Ay October 24, Deliece Blanchard October 15, Norbert Schulte October 11, Loved being in the Main hall so majestic.

Rodney Wetherell October 06, I did find my seat a little hard. The first part constructs multi-soliton solutions of the Gross-Pitaevskii, as an approximate superposition of traveling waves solitons. This result is obtained by exploiting the integrability of the the Gross-Pitaevskii equation. The second part clarifies the relations between the classical formulation and the so- called hydrodynamical formulation that only has a meaning when the solution does not vanish anyw- here in the spatial domain.

Generalizations for the multidimensional equation are established too. The last part of this work concerns existence and uniqueness results for a family of quasi-linear partial differential equations that generalize the equation of the binormal curvature flow for a curve in the three-dimensional space.

The latter equation is in connection to the focussing cubic NLS by Hasimoto transformation. Behandelt werden zuällige lineare Gleichungssysteme modulo 3, wobei in jeder Gleichung genau k Variablen vorkommen. Das Resultat ist eine Verallgemeinerung bereits bekannter Resultate für den modulo 2-Fall.

Coalescents sind partitionswertige Markovprozesse und haben ihren Ursprung in der Modellierung von Genealogien in der Populationsgenetik. The results hold for arbitrary selfadjoint positivity improving semigroups. This framework includes Laplace operator on manifolds, on graphs and on quantum graphs. This regularity is reflected in strict ergodicity of an associated dynamical system arising from the tiling's translation orbit closure. We introduce relaxed versions of linear repetitivity for uniformly discrete point sets, which still lead to strictly ergodic dynamical systems.

Examples are periodic point sets with almost periodic modulations, and primitive substitutions tilings finite local complexity with respect to the Euclidean group with dense tile orientations.

October Sommersemester Perez Wien , Orthogonale Polynome und Irrfahrten , F. Schlömerkemper Max-Planck-Institut Leipzig , Viktor Cerovski TU Chemnitz , Schulz-Baldes Uni Erlangen , Hendrik Vogt TU Dresden , Gruber Augsburg , Thomas Schick Uni Göttingen , Liskevich Bristol , Noll TU-Darmstadt , Brasche Chalmers Universität, Göteborg , Forschungsprojekt zur Demenz-Früherkennung geht in die nächste Runde.

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Hallo ihr Lieben, ich melde mich aus den Weihnachtsferien zurück, um euch ein tolles Seminar vorzustellen,…. Der Winter war zwar gestern nur kurz da, aber wir bleiben noch etwas in Winterstimmung mit diesem tollen Foto von Instagram-Nutzer…. We study derivatives of gradient estimates of the heat semigroup of stochastic differential equations driven by a Brownian motion in particular the Bismut-Elworthy-Li formula. The solution of the Gevrey smoothing conjecture for the fully nonlinear homogeneous Boltzmann equation , Dirk Hundertmark, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Quantitative and scale-free unique continuation for infinite series of eigenfunctions , Matthias Täufer and Martin Tautenhahn. Scale-free quantitative unique continuation and equidistribution estimates for solutions of elliptic differential equations , Martin Tautenhahn.

Large deviations, the Wasserstein distance, and concentration of measure , Christoph Schumacher. Asymptotic behaviour of the Hodge-Laplacian spectrum on a graph-like manifold , Michela Egidi. Almost additive functions and the monotone Glivenko-Cantelli theorem , Christoph Schumacher.

Anderson transition at 2 diensional growth rate for the Anderson model on antitrees with normalized edge weights , Christian Sadel, IST Austria. Lifshitz tails for continuous Laplacian in the site percolation case , Hatem Najar, University of Monastir. Low rank approximations of infinite-dimensional Lyapunov equations and applications , Luka Grubisic, Universität Zagreb. On existence of positive solutions for the heat equation of the Fractional Dirichlet Laplacian with negative measures , Ali Ben Amor.

On non-round points of the numerical range and an application to non-selfadjoint Schrödinger operators , Marcel Hansmann.

Grenzverteilungssätze für Modelle ungeordneter physikalischer Systeme , Ivan Veselic. Large time behaviour of the heat equation with magnetic field , David Kreijcirzik, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.

On the spectrum of random regular graphs with random edges weights , Victor Babst. Trace formula and heat kernel asymptotics on quantum graphs , Ralf Rueckriemen, University of London. Kato's square root theorem as a basis for relative estimation theory of eigenvalue approximations , Luka Grubisic, University of Zagreb. Minimax-Optimierungsaufgabe in endlichdimensionalen Banachräumen , Thomas Jahn, Abstract , We study long time behaviour of heat kernels and show convergence of the semigroup to the ground state and convergence of suitably averaged logarithms of kernels to the ground state energy.

Concentration of mass and central limit property for isotropic convex bodies in high dimensions , Jürgen Voigt TU Dresden ,