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On the bright side, they're also getting rid of blast buffing!

Dawnveil, the Lost Continent

On the flip side, out of all the CRA bosses Von Ban is probably the most difficult one at managing your death count due to GMS servers the tricky mechanic during phase 2 and 3. Let's explain Von Ban in phases shall we? The first thing you'll see inside Von Ban is this spinning clock , upon clicking you will summon the mega ultra chicken in a suit.

When Von Ban first appears it's not the real body but merely an animation so if you're a phantom like myself -- do not use final cut because as we all know you're meant to get final cut buff regardless of whether it hits a target or not but since this is GMS and they haven't fixed it, don't do this.

Now for the first two attack patterns, the floating ball and the smack. Von Ban's warning for his upcoming attack can be seen by his brief pause and waving of his magical wand. If he waves the wand then follows it up by holding in this position for a brief moment, a small flying sperm energy ball appears at the end of his long stick. Being hit by this will cause an instant death but it moves at a very slow pace so it can be very easily dodged.

Method of dodging this includes crouching or jumping over it, or you can dig in behind Von Ban moment before the ball fires as a melee class to get the most amount of damage in as possible. The smack cannot be distinguished from the ball in terms of pattern since they both begin with the same animation. This smack fucking hurts and will stun you for a brief period. This pattern also often follows directly with the energy ball to kill you so it's best to avoid this.

The dodging of this can be achieved by either keeping or distance or once again digging towards Von Ban's back as the animation is occurring to not lose damage. On top of these you'll notice that Von Ban regularly channels his inner mage and teleports around the map. These teleport are irregular and generally it teleports Von Ban near the most aggroed player. The smack and the flying balls are merely Von Ban's attack pattern and the most important thing are the clocks.

You'll notice that there are black clocks and white clocks that regularly appear on the map. If you make Von Ban stand on the black clock it will increase your time remaining and if you make him stand on the white clock it will reduce your overall time.

Your job in phase 1 is to not deal the most damage and bash the bird down as quick as you can but rather try to balance the damage with the clocks to maintain yourself at above 9 minutes to prevent time running out before the clocks disappear in the following phases. Using Von Ban's teleport ability you can often very easily manipulate Von Ban to stand on the clock you want, so keep that in mind!

Von Ban gets 2 additional pattern and both are substantially annoying. One is his space manipulation and the other is the thump. The thump can be easily distinguished by Von Ban jumping up in the air like this.

This is a TKO within this realm and if you're not in air jumping, flying, whatever floats your boat when he lands you'll be instantly killed.

This is often the pattern that's most difficult to dodge due to high server latency and lag the short warning you're given. The second pattern is the space manipulation, Von Ban will wave his magical wand once again and make this adorable clock on top of his staff.

This means it doesn't matter whether you're standing still or jumping or crouching, you'll be moved to the location standing still -- so you need to stare at the shadow closely and be prepared to immediately dodge the next pattern. This is about the added patterns in phase 2, you need to keep the time above 9 minutes at this stage unless if you can comfortably solo Von Ban at 6 minutes or less.

Phase 3 occurs right when VB's health hits Left. In this phase you'll notice the clocks have disappeared and as soon as you enter it you'll be greeted with this bar and message. Also you'll notice the little clock that you summoned Von Ban at the start with now appeared once again. You need to enter this portal into the dark room, find Von Ban hiding in there and kill him in his realm hmmm.

You need to hurry up and kill Von Ban in his realm, if you fail to kill him in time not only you but everyone including people waiting outside will DIE. Also if you fail to kill him he'll enter a little bubble where he becomes invincible for a period of time. If you die beyond this stage he will enter this bubble anyways It's fucking annoying, let's make sure this doesn't happen. If you do kill him in time you'll find the chicken outside exhausted and stunned from someone disturbing his peaceful temple.

Almost as if it was a fighting game, once Von Ban is in his groggy stage he'll be back to normal if you just touch him once. So let's use this time wisely and just buff and be prepared to bind or what not to get him down as low as possible for the next phase. Von Ban has officially taken out of the learning book of the other commanders of the black mage and learned how to become HMag himself. This phase occurs when Von Ban's health reaches near the bottom around here thanks Tim and you'll see little poker chips raining from the sky.

Keep in mind these chips can be avoided with Dark Sight if you're an explorer thief or Phantom so keep that in mind. However unlike HMag thank fuck the falling poker chips don't inflict a status Correction! They inflict slow and I didn't notice due to my status resist and only the big purple ones cause an instant death so the other ones you can tank one every now and then. The tricky part is when Von Ban proves his inner ability as a bird and tries to fly.

If you stand near him you'll be super knocked back cannot ignore with stance and be stunned for a short duration. The scary part of this flapping is that you often get knocked back into the poker chips and end up dying. Luckily, when Von Ban disappears from the map to fly you'll know in advance although not by much with this little swirl. Once you see this swirl shortly after Von Ban appears in the location so be prepared to dodge it.

Now you have mastered the chicken and know the ins and outs! Just 1 more boss left in your journey to become a Chaos Root Abyss Master! Unlike the old lady and the clown, Von Ban drops his loot immediately so if you have drop gears be sure to equip it before it stars raining poker chips as switching out becomes difficult once it starts raining crap. It is also crucial that everyone being carried hits Von Ban at least once, Von Ban is a masochist and will not reward you unless you have give him a good spank.

This is also crucial if you're getting carried, as VB drops his loot instantly this means pet loot or pets OFF! This guide was a little rushed so I hope I didn't forget anything too important. I hope you enjoyed my guide! Have a lovely day you all and I'll meet you when Angry Snek's time has come. There's a trick to phase two about the teleportation.

Once ban ban casts teleportation, immediately go behind him. In this time frame you can just brainlessly dps him. From what i know explorer mages have a huge edge against cvb as the elemental adaptation skills actually get proc'd by cvb and actually prevent you from getting stunned so im pretty sure status resistance helps a lot during cvb. I found the guide helpful but these are some things i've noticed in cvb that you dont mention. Pierre, Von Bon and Pink Bean.

Elite Bosses, Hilla and Arkarium Note that the Elite bosses might be slightly better, depending on which stats you hope to get from your magnificent souls. Is this worth to jeep or should I change it? I believe Empress is slightly better than the rest because of the shorter cooldown at seconds and uptime of 90 seconds.

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